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Product Hunt Radio: Episode 23 w/ Roy Bahat & Dan Strickland


This week’s PHR comes from the beautiful Bloomberg Beta HQ on the Embarcadero with Roy Bahat (Head of Bloomberg Beta) and Dan Strickland (Operations at Bloomberg Beta). Roy shares his secrets to get to inbox 0, keyboards, we discuss invisible apps, and a preview of what’s to come at Product Hunt.

  • Keyboardio - Making keyboards better
  • Nudgemail - The easiest way to send yourself reminders
  • Zapier + Product Hunt - Create your own Product Hunt notifications
  • Jarvis - A personal assistant for $100/mo
  • Digit - SMS bot that monitors your bank account & saves you money
  • RubCam - Minimal iOS camera for taking pictures by rubbing the screen
  • Frontback - Tell stories with photos
  • Checkr - An API to Do Background Checks
  • SaviOne - A revolutionary delivery robot for the services industry
  • Jobr - Tinder for job hunting
  • Two Margins - Annotate financial documents (ex. SEC filings) w/ the crowd

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Product Hunt is going on tour to a place near you

I just came back from meeting Product Hunters in SF, NYC, Boston, and Philadelphia, and I deeply confirmed what I already knew: Product Hunt, for whatever reason, brings awesome people together.

In NYC and Boston, we had over a few hundred people come out.  Philly brought almost a couple hundred.  SF had 900 RSVPs. 

image (1).jpeg

Just a bunch of startup-hungry, cat-tee loving, kind-hearted Product Hunters.   

Nearly 100 people in cities around the world have submitted requests for meetups, but we need leaders to take ownership in making them a reality.  We can’t possibly make it to most cities, but I’d love to make some of them, and regardless we’d love to help you get it off the ground.

If you want to meet awesome PH-ers — founders, investors, journalists, and product enthusiasts from all industries — organize a meet up in your city.  It’s a great way to bring together people within your startup neighborhood and get exposure for yourself as a leader in your community

Here’s how to organize a meet up:

1) Partner with community leaders or organizations.

In NYC, Alley NYC stepped up. In Boston, it was General Assembly. In Philly, it was two young Venture for America fellows who organized it.  

What’s key is that you and your co-hosts take responsibility for the event.  We can try to connect you to other PH-ers in your city to co-host but  ultimately it’s your team that’s gonna make it happen (and will reap the rewards of organizing).

2) Pick a format.

Most meet ups have followed something like this format following this format:

6:30 - 7:15pm - Mingling + food/drinks

7:15 - 8:00pm - Brief intro, 3 product demos with Q&A, AMA with special invited person

8:00 - 9:00pm - Mingling


This is a standard template, but pick whatever works best for you.  We’ve also had people do informal happy hours at bars, we’ve had some people do more instructional sessions on “How to use product hunt”, and I just had someone ask if they can organize a PH poetry reading. 

Some of these cities have chosen to host them monthly, others bi-monthly, with different special guests and products demoing every time.

3) Get an invite up and let us know.

Feel free to pick, or do a standard facebook invite, and send us the link so we can put it up on the meetups page and promote it in our email and social channels.  

You guys are an amazing group of people - supportive, interesting, and deeply intelligent — and you should meet fellow PH-ers in real life.  Call us for cat stickers, and if you’re organizing, your free cat t-shirt :)

photo (14).JPG

Product Hunt Meetups

Also - Special thanks to those that have led successful meetups already: Ben Lang and David Bedussa (Tel Aviv), Shilpi Kumar and Kate Leisy (Philadelphia), Harry Raymond and Adam Waxman (NYC), Floyd Miller and Steve Haase (Boston)

Product Hunt Radio: Episode 22 w/ Matt Galligan & Ryan Block


This week Matt Galligan (CEO & Co-founder, Circa) & Ryan Block (VP of Product, AOL) join me, Ryan Hoover, hours after the much-hyped Apple event. Of course, we geeked out about the Apple iPhone 6/6+, Pay, and the long-rumored Watch. Listen in.

Products mentioned:

  • Apple Watch - The most personal device Apple has ever created
  • iPhone 6 - Bigger, better iPhone
  • Apple Pay - Integrated hardware, software, and services for payments
  • Circa - News app with high quality curated content

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Product Hunt Radio: Episode 21 w/ Poornima Vijayashanker & Julia Grace


This week, Poornima Vijayashanker (Founder of Femgineer/BizeeBee & EIR at 500 Startups) and Julia Grace (Head of Engineering at Tindie) join Product Hunt’s Erik Torenberg and Ryan Hoover at 500 Startups HQ. We chat about tools communicate with remote teams, our love of email, and products to help fight digital distractions. Listen in.

  • Yo - A simple app to say “yo” to friends
  • Tindie - Shop directly from indie innovators
  • Slack - Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.
  • Screenhero - Collaborative Screen Sharing + Voice Chat
  • Pivotal Tracker - Build better software faster
  • Trello - Organize anything, together
  • Asana - Teamwork without email
  • Product Hunt for iOS - The best new products, every day, in your pocket
  • Edgar - Stop letting your social media updates go to waste
  • Self Control - Avoid distracting websites
  • Boomerang - The ultimate toolbox to control sending/receiving emails
  • Mobile Flow - Eliminate digital distractions
  • “Hooked” Book - How to Build Habit-Forming Products
  • Tiny Habits - BJ Fogg’s program to help build healthful habits
  • Streak - CRM in your inbox - for Gmail
  • imoji - Turn selfies or any photo into stickers you can text
  • - The emoji URL shortener
  • Transform Your Ideas - 20 week e-mail course on building & launching software

In case you missed it, check out batch 9 of 500 Startups and this lovely collection of Emoji Apps on Product Hunt.

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Product Hunt Radio: Episode 20 w/ Nick Chirls, Will Peng, Jon Lax, & Jake Levine


This week Nick Chirls (Partner, Notation Capital), Will Peng (Partner, Red Swan Ventures), Jon Lax (Partner, teehan+lax), and Jake Levine (Founder, Electric Objects), join me, Ryan Hoover, in the attic of Electric Objects’ popup shop in the lower east side of NYC.

We geek out about Levine’s latest artistic venture, the revival of the hardware startup, and robots that fight crime. Listen in.

Products mentioned:

  • Electric Objects - Digital artwork from the Internet on your wall (pre-launch)
  • The Little Printer - A delightful web-connected printer that lives in your home
  • Knightscope - Autonomous robots that predict and prevent crime
  • SafeTrek - Travel safely. An app that dials 911 in an emergency.
  • Chesstime - Free multiplier chess
  • Reverb - The Marketplace for Musicians
  • - Worldwide domain search
  • Honey - Chrome Extension that Automatically Finds Coupon Codes
  • Yo - A simple app to say “yo” to friends.
  • LokLok - Messenger app that works right on the lockscreen

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Product Hunt Radio: Episode 19 w/ Ryan Sarver, Jamie Davidson, & Julie Logan


This week we have a double Ryan feature with myself, Ryan Hoover, and Ryan Sarver (Partner, Redpoint Ventures) along with siblings Jamie Davidson (Sr. Assoc., Redpoint Ventures) and Julie Logan (Founder, Nutmeg). In this episode we chat about a sound-making “Instagram for dogs,” a fun app to make it rain $$$ on your friends, and everyone’s favorite graphics file format: GIF. Listen in.

Products mentioned:

  • Secret - Share anonymously with your friends. Speak freely.
  • Text - Push notification messaging with friends (WUT w/o anonymity)
  • WUT - Anonymously chat with friends
  • Ultratext - Type-to-create interface for GIF creation in seconds
  • Stacks - Make it rain real money on your friends using Venmo
  • Nutmeg - Making it ridiculously easy to text awesome gifs
  • BarkCam - The first camera app designed to make your pup a star
  • Homejoy - Get Your Place Cleaned
  • Beepi - Next gen used car marketplace
  • Quibb - Professional network to share industry news and analysis
  • IFTTT - Put the internet to work for you
  • Discovr - A creative way to discover new music

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Product Hunt Radio: Episode 18 w/ Danielle Morrill, Andy Sparks, & Angela Kingyens


In this episode of Product Hunt Radio, Danielle Morrill (Co-founder & CEO, Mattermark), Andy Sparks (Co-founder & COO, Mattermark), and Angela Kingyens (VC, Version One Ventures) join me, Ryan Hoover, in San Francisco’s sunny Potrero Hill. Danielle confesses her love for Secret, we chat about productivity services like Clara, and discuss the fears/opportunities in offering a public Product Hunt/Mattermark API. Listen in.

Products mentioned:

  • Mattermark - Research, prospect, and track the fastest growing private companies with deal intelligence
  • Secret - Share anonymously with your friends. Speak freely.
  • Whisper - The best place to express yourself online
  • Kindly - Chat with helpful people who enjoy lending their ears
  • Anonyfish - Chat anonymously with another Secret user
  • Sunrise - Beautifully designed calendar app
  • Audible - Great stories, beautifully told
  • Stitcher - Radio that instantly connects you to any conversation
  • Clear - The simple to-do app
  • Anxiety - Lightweight to-do management
  • Evernote - Remember everything
  • Hackpad - The simplest way to organize and share knowledge
  • Clara - Virtual employee that schedules your meetings
  • - Quickly add events to your calendar from any email
  • Jarvis - A personal assistant for $100/mo
  • Facetune - Powerful and easy to use portrait editing app
  • Insta3D - Instantly create your 3D avatar
  • Front - Take out the pain of shared email accounts
  • Buffer for Mac - Official Buffer app for Mac
  • HunterData - Product Hunt Leaderboard!
  • The News (iOS) - Designer News + Hacker News, now on iOS
  • Product Hunt Alert - Get a text when your domain is mentioned on Product Hunt

As mentioned in the podcast, The Product Hunt Community Scares Me, In a Good Way.

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Product Hunt Radio: Episode 16


During my trip to NYC I swung into betaworks HQ to meet a few distant, product hunting Twitter friends in the flesh. Matt Hartman (Investments at betaworks), Maya Prohovnik (Community at betaworks), and Brian Donohue (Builder at Instapaper) join me to chat about emojis, GIFs, podcast apps, and also surprised me with a 3D printed Ryan. Looks just like me! Listen in.

Products mentioned:

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Product Hunt Radio: Episode 15


I recently visited the colorful, graffiti-filled TechCrunch headquarters to chat with the tech publication’s Susan Hobbs, Sarah Buhr, and Kyle Russell. We chatted about a wearable smart ring, an app to command your friends, and a fun TapTalk meta game Susan and I play named #tapwhere. Listen in.

Products mentioned:

  • Pressfarm - Find journalists to write about your startup
  • TalkTo - Never Make Another Phone Call, Text Message Businesses
  • Taptalk - Personal video and photo messaging
  • 4 Snaps - Snapchat + Draw Something, an all-new kind of word game.
  • Ding Dong - “What’s up” in one tap
  • Swarm - Keep up and meet up with your friends- by FourSquare
  • Snapchat Our Story - Experience live, real-time events together
  • Vpeeker - Watch the world in real-time via Vine videos
  • TravelbyDrone - Collects travel videos taken by drones
  • IRIS Auto-pilot Drone - Android-controlled smart videography (incl auto-follow)
  • Android Wear - Google’s smart watch technology
  • Ringly - Fashionable wearables. Rings connected to your phone
  • Cuddle Clones - Custom stuffed animals based on your pet!
  • Sup - See what your friends see
  • Povio - Message friends from your POV
  • Yo - A simple app to say “yo” to friends
  • Slingshot - Facebook’s new ephemeral photo/video app

P.S. As announced on TechCrunch last week, I will be speaking at Disrupt in San Francisco this September. We’ll probably talk about Product Hunt and products. :)

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